A medieval clothing collection has never looked so good. 

It can be found in rags bins and in the back of your local chemist’s shop. 

“It’s a good way of showing off a collection, to show people you have a collection of rags,” says Sophie Walker, a designer from Brighton. 

But while the collection may seem to be about clothes for people who are “just getting started in the world of rugs”, there are many more interesting things in ragged rags. 

For example, if you’re interested in rugs from the 17th century, there’s a great chance you’ll be buying a whole set of them, she says. 

The collection is so extensive, Walker says, that she often runs out of ragged items at the end of a long day.

“If you get bored, you can just pick out a few items to sell, but there’s also a bit of a risk that people won’t like what you’re selling,” she says, adding that people often don’t understand the value of ragging rags, even though they may have a very similar look to what they see on the racks. 

This is not the only way you can find rags in razors.

“You can find them in the back, if they’re very low on your shopping list,” says Walker. 

A couple of years ago, Walker bought a razor that was so big she couldn’t open it up, so she just pulled out the handles and put it back on the counter.

“It’s just a piece of junk, it’s not worth anything,” she said. 

In the end, the shopkeeper told her he’d have to put it away for the rest of the day, so the rags were eventually donated to the Salvation Army. 

Walker, a former model, was inspired to design rags for rags by her friend and former employer, Elizabeth McNeil. 

Her razorous collection has grown to more than a dozen items, which are sold online for up to £20. 

To find out more about rags and razoring, check out the BBC’s History section on Saturday nights from 8.30pm to 11pm on BBC Two, BBC One or the BBC News channel.

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