The price of a school uniform has risen over the years.

But, what does it mean for kids?

The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, a joint initiative of the Indian Council for Technical Education (ICTE), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has compiled a report on the cost of uniforms.

The NIST has not yet released the report, but we have obtained the report through an access to information request.

The NIST reports on the quality of schools uniforms are compiled by comparing the cost per pair of school uniform and the average cost of school supplies.

The cost of a uniform is the cost that a school has to spend on materials, supplies and labour for the uniform.

For the average school, this includes the cost for materials, materials and labour.

In a letter to Education Minister Prakash Javadekar, NIST Director-General of Standards, Prof. Pranav Kumar Sharma said, “the cost of uniform manufacture is more than the cost to manufacture the school uniform itself, the cost associated with the production of school apparel, footwear and uniforms and the cost incurred for distribution and retail sale of school-related goods and services.”

The cost of education in India, in terms of education materials, equipment, and labour, has risen in the last three decades.

The average cost per child in India was $1,000 in 2001, which has grown to $5,000 today.

Sharma also noted that, in the next 10 years, the average annual increase in the cost would be 1.4 percent.

According to Sharma, “The cost per year of the school is rising at a rate of 1.8 percent per year and the cumulative cost of the education system in the country is expected to increase by 9.8 per cent.”

The cost per pupil has also risen in India.

The current average price of an education in a state is Rs 1,500, but it will increase by more than Rs 7,000 to Rs 1.2 lakh in 2020.

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