I don’t know what else to say about the Ethiopian clothing company HID.

I was there and it was a disaster.

I remember the screams and the cries and the screams.

HID was one of the companies that made the clothing for the Israeli military.

HIDs uniforms were made by the company in Israel and shipped to the military in the West Bank.

The soldiers were supposed to wear these uniforms in their barracks but the company kept changing the colors and the patterns, so the uniforms were not uniform.

They didn’t have the uniforms to use.

One day, a soldier was supposed to be wearing the uniform but he didn’t.

He wore a T-shirt with a swastika on it.

He was supposed a little more traditional.

That was when the company called in the police to get the uniform changed.

When the police arrived, they saw the swastika.

The swastika was on the chest and there was blood on the shirt.

When they asked him why he did it, he told them he wanted to wear the uniform because he wanted people to see his face.

They arrested him and sent him to prison.

The next day, the military ordered the company to stop producing the uniforms.

The army wanted to know why the company was doing this and if there were any repercussions.

The company was ordered to stop.

They said they didn’t want to stop because it was not the uniform they were supposed do.

They asked me why I didn’t tell the company about this.

They weren’t even told that it was illegal.

When I went to see them again, they told me that they couldn’t tell me.

They were afraid of what the company might do and they said, “You have to do this, because you can’t go back to doing this.”

That’s how they treated us.

When HID began to lose money, they started to make excuses and said they couldn´t make money.

One time, they asked me, “Why are you making clothes for us?”

They said, “[We] need money, because we have no money.

They don’t even have the money to pay for the uniforms.”

When I asked what they were making, they said we don´t have enough money to make clothes.

They even took money out of my account and gave it to them.

It didn´t take long for them to stop making clothes.

When my daughter went to school, she said she was wearing the same clothes, but the school refused to let her wear them because they weren´t uniforms.

They wouldn´t let her take the clothes home.

When she went home, she didn´T even have any clothes to wear.

I couldn´ t find any clothes for my daughter.

My daughter, when she got home, told me, and the next day my wife, came home from school wearing the clothes she had worn in the barracks.

They are so ugly.

I told them to buy her a new uniform.

She said, I can’t wear that uniform anymore.

The school had no uniform for her to wear, so they couldnât let me wear the uniforms for her.

She asked me what to do.

I said, Let them take my daughter, because they can´t wear her clothes anymore.

My wife went to the police and told them what happened.

When we went to court, the court said they should not do anything, but when they tried to ask my wife why she was buying clothes, she wouldn´ t answer.

We went back to the company and they asked why I wasn´t telling them.

They told me they had to stop the production because there was no money to be made.

The court was very angry.

They ordered me to leave the country.

I refused and I didnât leave.

They sent me back to Ethiopia.

When he returned, he found HID had lost money.

He asked what was going on.

They answered that they had a problem with my daughter because she had changed her clothes.

He went back and told the company again and again.

They still wouldnât do anything.

They kept sending me letters saying, We can make money but you have to stop working.

They couldn´T tell me why they couldn’t do that.

I asked him if I could talk to the people who made the uniforms and they told him they had no idea about how bad it was.

They went and spoke to people from the company.

They spoke to the owner of the company, and he told the people he wanted the uniforms changed.

They came back to me, saying, Why donât you go back and tell the people that made those uniforms.

We have no power.

We can´ t stop them from making uniforms.

When you donâ t have the power, you are powerless.

The owner of HID told me the company would get a company loan, but they couldn™t get it.

I went back again and told

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