‘We need to stop being too politically correct’: Children’s clothing manufacturer says ‘there are more important things to worry about’

The children’s apparel industry is on the frontlines of a political debate that has come to define the nation’s education and health systems.

The debate over school shootings has taken centre stage.

A group of Queensland children’s businesses are demanding better protection from the “political correctness” of politicians and the “need for more awareness”.

“We’re not going to have a discussion on guns in schools, on guns at work, on gun violence in Queensland,” Mr Henshaw said.

“Our concern is that there are more urgent and more important issues that need to be addressed.”

The Queensland Teachers Union (QUTU) said the government should “recognise that Queensland is a very safe and welcoming place to work”.

Queensland is currently facing an “unprecedented” rise in violence, according to QUTU, with more than 700 incidents of murder and manslaughter in just three months.

It said the latest figures showed a rise of nearly 20 per cent in the number of school shootings over the past three years.

QUTIU general secretary Paul Jones said the group believed the current “political and political correctness” was not “a good thing”.

Mr Jones said there was a “sense of political correctness that is getting in the way of understanding and working with other people in our community and our society”.

He said “politically correct” people were “using the right to protest” to make a point.

Queanbeyan Mayor Lianne Dalziel has called for the state government to “stop being politically correct” and support a safe environment.

Ms Dalzien said Queensland was experiencing a “crisis” in its schools and that the government must support parents in protecting children and staff from the threats of guns and the possibility of a mass shooting.

She said the QUTIUS was the “most active” group of schools’ teachers and administrators that could help to stop a mass school shooting in Queensland.

Under the legislation, Queensland is also considering a “gun-free zone” for schools and staff.

The government has promised to introduce legislation for a safe school zone by June 30.

Police and Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFFES) Commissioner Ian Stewart said the legislation was needed to prevent a mass killing.

He urged people to “take their children out of the classroom” and “take the children to the park”.

‘No one’s safe’The Queensland Government has announced a “guns and safety” campaign is underway, which will run across schools and public transport.

But it’s a “really good idea” to “stay home” at work and “stay away from the playground”, Queensland Fire Minister Tim Watts said.

Queenslanders are already “pursuing our normal life” and the legislation will ensure “no one’s safety is compromised”, Mr Watts said, as the government “goes forward”.

But Mr Watts admitted there were “a lot of kids who need to have access to guns”.

“They’re not at risk from a gun and I think that’s a good thing, because they’re not actually at risk,” Mr Watts told ABC Radio Queensland.

“It’s a very good idea, it’s certainly going to make it easier for those kids to go to the playground and do the activities they like to do.”

Quebec Premier Pauline Hanson also said the “gun laws are no longer about safety”, but about “a very serious issue”.

Ms Hanson said the Queensland Government’s “focus is now on keeping the children safe” and she urged parents to “support the right of the state to protect the children”.

“We don’t want to see children at risk of being murdered,” she said.

“And we want to protect our children from this kind of thing.”

Parents, teachers, and parents-to-be have been urged to “work together” to protect children from the threat of mass shootings.


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