Parents of Israeli school children were furious with the way they were treated when they tried to dress their children in traditional clothing to avoid the dress code imposed on their public school children.

In response to a petition signed by more than 1,300 parents and teachers demanding a change to the dress codes of some public schools in the occupied West Bank, the head of the Education Ministry, Shlomo Ariel, issued a directive to schools to adhere to the school’s dress code.

The directive said that children of the age of 10 should not wear traditional clothing, and that pupils should wear only “appropriately fitting clothing,” adding that “a student’s attire must be appropriate for the school in which he is enrolled and must not violate any school rules.”

The directive was met with strong opposition from parents and some teachers who said that they were upset by the order and were told to wear more modest clothing and that there was no need to make any changes to the rules.

Many teachers said that the dress rules had been changed only after they learned about the school dress code, and many teachers said they were told that the school was only looking out for the needs of the children and their parents.

Ariel said that he was not looking to change the rules, and the new rules only apply to the children who are under age 10.

“The rules do not affect students between the ages of 10 and 18, and children between the age 18 and 21 will not be subject to the new dress rules,” Ariel said.

“There are no other rules for minors in schools.”

On Tuesday, Ariel also issued a statement saying that the department had issued a notice to all schools stating that they would be required to comply with the dress regulations of the new school year.

“The dress code is part of the education system, and it is important to respect the dress of our children,” Ariel added.

“This is why the Education Department has issued a new notice, to notify schools that they are required to change their dress code for the new academic year.”

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