This year, the theme of your next birthday party is likely to be about the children.

So whether you’re making birthday plans for your friends, family or yourself, the key is to pay attention to how the kids are spending their time and make sure you give them everything they need to enjoy their day.


Make a list of what your kids want to do, who they want to meet and how to make the day fun for them.


Make sure that the kids will be able to enjoy themselves in front of the camera, and get plenty of breaks during the day.


Plan ahead with a “must do” list of things to do.

This could be a game of hide and seek, a movie marathon or a fun party, the list goes on. 4.

Make it easy for the kids to get their fill of the day by sharing their own favorite snacks.


Make the most of the family’s free time, and ensure that your kids can use the time to relax, read and have fun.6.

Be mindful of how long you spend with your kids and how much time each of them has to spend together.


Make an effort to spend some quality time together and spend more time with your spouse or partner.8.

Plan a picnic for the whole family.


Make plans for the day with your family, and schedule family outings for the family.


Get creative with gifts for your kids, such as stuffed animals, crafts, or gifts to share with friends and family.


Don’t be shy about giving the kids gifts of their own.

For example, you can give them a video game console or a stuffed animal to play with or a birthday card to send to a friend.

You can also send them birthday cards or a gift card to a special someone you love.


Make gifts to all the family members and invite everyone to join in the fun.

You don’t need to make gifts for each individual child.


Set aside some time for the children to do something fun for you, such a party or activity.

The children are more likely to enjoy the party if it’s a family event and you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of getting everything together.


Set a time to spend with the children, and be mindful of the time you spend together with them.


Make your birthday party a family affair, with lots of family fun and family time.


Take the children out on the big day and let them be their own person.


Make birthday parties a fun way to make friends and socialize with other family members.


Set your birthday plan ahead so you can make plans to take your kids to places of interest in the city, such to the zoo, amusement park, or a movie theater.19.

Have a family meal for the entire family to celebrate the birthday of the child.20.

Have dinner for everyone, with everyone, and no matter the size of your family.21.

Make all your family plans ahead of time so you’re not overburdened by the holiday rush.22.

Have the whole party ready to go on your birthday.23.

Plan the day’s activities and include a party for all the kids.24.

Have your own favorite place for your birthday celebration.

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