This is not your typical Christmas party, however.

According to a study by Dr. Katherine Kowalski, a psychologist who studies gender and sexuality at the University of Michigan, your daughter will probably not be wearing a dress on Christmas Day.

The reasons for this, according to Dr. Kowarski, are not clear, but the most likely is that she is going to be wearing her hair down and/or doing something else.

That being said, some experts suggest that your daughter may not be able to do something to get herself dressed up that would fit into a gender-appropriate outfit, like a pink or green shirt.

“I think most parents are going to do what they can,” Dr. Gertrude Johnson, the founder of the nonprofit organization GenderWorks, told ABC News.

“And there is no right or wrong way to do it.”

What you should do in case your daughter is going for the traditional dress: Dr. Johnson said you should make sure your daughter has a dress in mind when shopping for Christmas.

“If you are not going to wear your own, then you may want to have a dress or something similar in mind,” she said.

“It might be nice to have your daughter try on a different outfit or just be in a new place, but be prepared to change if she doesn’t like it.”

She also suggests you give your daughter an “in-between” Christmas dress.

“The dress you choose is a way to allow her to explore her wardrobe and make it her own, without being too restrictive,” she told ABC.

“In the meantime, it’s a good idea to have her put on a dress for Christmas dinner, so you can show her that you care about her and the way she dresses.”

Dr. Jennifer H. McVicar, a therapist and sexologist, told NBC News that if your daughter decides to dress up as a girl or girl dressed as a boy, the first step is to get her dressed.

“You may want her to go to a girl’s store and pick a dress that you are comfortable with, because you don’t want to make her feel like she is dressing as a man,” she explained.

“Then you may decide to have the kid go to her mom and dad’s house and make her a dress.”

Dr McVacar said she also suggested parents get their daughter to wear a dress and accessories at the same time.

“There is nothing wrong with having her wear some accessories,” she added.

“When she’s wearing a nice, colorful dress, it is nice to be able, for instance, to show her she is not going out in a girlish fashion.

You can also try to have an outfit that you like for Christmas, such as an old-fashioned Christmas sweater.”

She suggested that if you’re worried that your child may be wearing something that isn’t appropriate for her gender, she can wear it in a different way.

“A lot of parents say, ‘My daughter is not wearing a girl costume,’ or ‘My child is not dressing as the opposite gender,'” Dr. McSweeney said.

But what to do if your child is uncomfortable with dressing up as the gender that she identifies with?

“As soon as she starts wearing clothes that fit her, it can be a little difficult to stop,” Dr McSweeny said.

So, if your little girl is uncomfortable dressing up, she might want to ask your partner or friends to make sure that she has the clothes that are appropriate for the gender she identifies as.

“What I would recommend is to go with your partner to buy the clothes and to ask her to wear them for you,” Dr Johnson said.

She added that it may be helpful for parents to ask their daughter if they can get the clothes from the store.

“Don’t make her go to the store if you don’s have to buy them,” she advised.

“That may be a more complicated process.”

To learn more about gender and gender roles, check out Dr. Michelle Robinson’s book, The Gender Identity Handbook: How To Help Your Child Be A True Man.

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