In the 1930s, a mother named Alice B. Johnson, who was traveling on a horseback, was struck and killed by a motorcyclist in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. 

Her son, Oscar Johnson, was charged with the killing and pleaded not guilty. 

His case was dropped when the Santa Clara County District Attorney refused to prosecute. 

Alyssa Johnson, a baby girl who was born in 1939, was adopted by a family named the Birchers. 

At the time, a woman named Elizabeth Johnson was a close friend of her adopted daughter. 

Elizabeth had a strong interest in animals, and after a short time of traveling with Oscar and his siblings, Elizabeth took the baby and became his adopted mother. 

In 1935, Oscar and Alyssas were adopted by the Bischers and raised in the family home in Santa Cruz. 

By the time they were three years old, Alyssah had already become a fashion model, and Oscar had become a successful actor and musician. 

They had a great time in their new home, and in 1942, Oscar married a woman called Jane B. Wilson. 

She was a beautiful young woman, and they had a very happy life. 

Oscar and Alysa moved in with Oscar’s grandparents in Calabasas, California, where they were both born. 

The Bischer family were a very religious family. 

Many of the Bichons had their own private religious chapel in the home, with their own choir. 

It was a church, but the Bishops did not have a church building. 

As a result, Alysas mother was baptized at age nine. 

Soon, Oscar was given a Christian name. 

He was baptized by his grandparents, who were also members of the Baptist Church. 

But he did not attend church every Sunday, and he began attending church every Friday. 

One of his friends in church, Mrs. R.C. Wilson, became concerned that Oscar had been attending church. 

When she questioned Oscar about it, he said he did. 

“I think you’ve always had a lot of people around you who have a strong sense of faith, and I don’t have that,” she told him. 

Mrs. Wilson gave Oscar a Bible to study, and when he got home, he began to follow the Bible. 

After the church opened, Oscar began reading it and was baptized. 

On March 12, 1943, Oscar’s father, Oscar, was driving through the city of Los Angeles, when he saw a sign on a highway stating that all vehicles must turn left at the Santa Ana Freeway. 

An ambulance pulled up to the Biches’ home. 

Bischer parents drove into the driveway and opened the door for the paramedics. 

Upon arriving, Oscar saw his father. 

‘A little boy, in his early teens, had a red face and a small wound on his neck,’ Mrs. Wilson recalled. 

Before they could determine the cause of Oscar’s injury, he was rushed to the hospital. 

While in the hospital, Oscar became ill. 

Doctors thought he had a broken bone in his neck, and a week later he died. 

Three months later, Mrs Wilson took her two other daughters, Mae and Anna, out to play in the nearby streets. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bichrons moved into a large house in Santa Clara, and by the time Oscar was eight years old he was doing well. 

Two months after Oscar was baptized, he died at the age of nine.

 When Oscar died, he left behind his two children, Mae, who is now 23, and Anna who is 21. 

According to Mrs. Johnson’s grandson, William J. Wilson III, Oscar had a happy childhood and a wonderful life.

“His family was very religious and he did have a wonderful upbringing, and so he did find a lot to love in life,” he said. 

Anna and Mae also found it hard to accept that they would never see Oscar again. 

However, in a letter Oscar wrote to his parents, he wrote, “Your loving little children have been waiting for you all these years, and it was not possible to have a happy, quiet, quiet life without them.” 

Mrs Johnson said she and Oscar’s mother had hoped to adopt another child, but she never received a reply. 

Today, A&B Children’s Clothing, an adult clothing company, is run by Oscar’s parents. 

Although the B&amp%ters have been out of business for more than 40 years, they still have a store in Santa Clarita, California where you can buy children’s clothes, accessories, and accessories for older children.

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