A German fashion chain called Gross is an ugly joke, but it is an incredibly effective one.

The brand, which specializes in children’s garments, features a line of children’s griffin clothes that feature cartoon grinch characters and a cartoon image of a white child.

A spokesman for Gross told BuzzFeed News that he has been approached by “a lot of people” and that the clothing “has nothing to do with us and we are not affiliated with it.”

But Gross is a well-known German fashion house.

In the US, it has also been a hot brand for its merchandise, including clothing that features cartoons of African-Americans and Jewish people.

The retailer also sells a line called Kids in Shoes, which features children’s shoes with images of black children.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the spokesman explained that the “Kids in Shoes” line of clothing “features a caricature of a black boy, who wears shoes and a hat, and a caricature, with a black woman, who sits on the stool with a bucket of water.”

“It is a funny parody of the stereotypes and the stereotypes of African Americans and Jews,” he said.

Gross also sells products for children that feature caricatures of white people.

“Gross has never been against racism or any type of bigotry,” said the spokesman.

“Our line is designed for kids, but for kids who are looking for something different, we offer a range of styles to suit their tastes.

We have also designed a range for children who love animals.”

Gross did not respond to requests for comment.

The spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the company “was not aware” of the offending cartoon clothing and said that it was a joke that had been taken out of context.

“We will continue to use our humour to help children,” he wrote.

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