The sale of kids’ clothing and toys has reached a new low in New South Wales, with authorities warning that children are being forced to work for a living.

Key points:The Queensland government says it has no plans to sell children’s goods after the sale went through the Magistrate’s CourtThe Queensland Government said it would consider making changes to its Children’s Clothing Scheme to protect children’s rightsIt is believed more than 3,000 children have been forced to sell their goods to help fund the Queensland Government’s Child Development Agency (CDDA) which has faced criticism for not protecting children’s welfare and child exploitation.

Queensland’s Children’s Goods Minister, Julie Groom, has called for a review of the scheme, which was last reviewed in 2016.

“This is an example of how children are exploited by unscrupulous individuals who sell childrens clothing and toy sets,” Ms Groom said.

“It is time that this scam be stopped and the Government does everything possible to ensure that all children are not exploited by these unscrupulous companies.”

Our government is working hard to ensure children’s products are safe and accessible to Queenslanders, and we are confident our Children’s Services and the CDDA will work together to make sure children are protected.

“However, the Queensland Magistrates Court heard the Magistrates’ Court in Bendigo on Thursday heard children had been forced into the selling business.

Magistrate Paul Hickey ordered that the goods sold be destroyed, but said he would consider whether to allow the sale to continue.

He ordered that if the Magis could not ensure the destruction was in accordance with their duty, they could still order the Magi to destroy the goods.

Magistrates will now have the opportunity to decide whether to order the sale go ahead.

The Queensland Child Development Authority (CDCA) says it is working to ensure the sale is stopped.”CDDA has a strong position in relation to protecting childrens welfare and it is important that we ensure that children have the best opportunity to receive the best value from their products,” CDDA spokesperson Rachel Hargreaves said.

Ms Hargret said the sale was a “significant breach” of childrens’ rights and it was up to the Magies to decide if the goods were sold properly.”

The CDDA takes all cases of this nature very seriously, and will continue to work with our agencies to ensure this type of scheme is removed from the market,” she said.

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