More than half of all sales of children’s apparel online and in stores are to teenagers, according to a study published this week.

The survey, conducted by research firm Pivotal Research Group, found that more than two-thirds of online sales of clothing and accessories to teens occur on social media.

The report, titled “How to Stop Selling Kids’ Clothing to Teenagers,” notes that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are used by teenagers to purchase clothing.

But those sites also allow teens to share content with each other.

In this case, a teen shared a photo of a baby stuffed toy with another teen.

“This baby is a new one,” the caption reads.

“I can’t wait to get it out of here!”

Another caption says, “My baby is so cute!”

The teen in the photo shared a second photo with the caption, “I’m really looking forward to getting my baby out of this one.”

The baby in the second photo is not a baby but an adorable, pink, stuffed animal.

A third photo shared with the photo sharing teen says, “[Baby] looks so happy in his new toy.

[The photo] is a photo that is shared on social.

I’m sure you have kids of your own.”

Pivotch Research says the majority of online retailers do not check to see if the merchandise is actually from a licensed retailer.

But they do not necessarily check for a third party seller who has the same license.

The company also says that many of the sellers they surveyed have multiple locations in the same state.

Pivots research found that retailers who offer a third-party seller are not only selling clothing to teens, but they are also advertising that they sell to teenagers.

PIVOTCH RESEARCHING GROUP RESEARched the survey with Pivotes research partner and marketing specialist, Matt Barlow.

In a statement, Pivoting said that the study was conducted with permission from the brands.

“Pivots conducted this research with the full knowledge and permission of the brands, and they fully adhere to our standards,” the company said.

Pivot said that it does not use the sites to advertise its services.

But it does have some other options for teens, including its Teeny Deals app that allows teens to buy and sell items on their phones and other devices.

Povoting did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

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