What Is It That’s Really Wrong With All These Christian Kids Clothing Companies?

A recent National Review article by James C. Pennebaker, titled “Christian Kids Clothing,” asks the question, “What’s the point of Christian kids clothing if it’s just for Christians?”

I have to admit, the answer to that question is a bit ambiguous.

On one hand, there’s the obvious reason: The Christian kids’ clothing industry is a lucrative industry with a massive profit margin.

There are many reasons why.

But then there are the reasons that are not.

I have a few.

First, there are people like me who have grown up with a strong aversion to the idea of Christian children’s fashion.

(The idea of Christianity as an inherently Christian ideology is, well, not that big of a deal for me.)

But I’ve also come to understand the value of the Christian childrens clothing industry.

I’ve learned that there are many, many ways to make Christian kids clothes.

There’s the simple way: make clothes for Christian kids, not Christians.

There is a much more sophisticated and artistic way, too.

In my own personal life, I’ve made Christian kids garments in a few ways.

(My own personal childrens fashion is also quite sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.)

I make Christian children clothes because I feel the need to.

I need to be a part of something.

There isn’t a lot of money in the Christian kids apparel business, so I make it for my kids to wear.

And I make my kids clothes because it feels right.

I’m not trying to make my children into some kind of religious ideal, or even to try to “fit in.”

I make clothes because they are beautiful and I’m proud of them.

And if I do, I’m really proud of it.

That’s why I make them.

In the next post, I’ll explain more about Christian kids fashion.

Until then, enjoy the photos below.

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