A lot of kids want to be hats, and theres nothing like them anywhere.

This is a hat for kids, and it’s easy to make.

First, pick up your favorite hat you already own.

Theres a lot of them, so buy a good one.

The kids will love it, so go ahead and make it.

The hat should be the same size as the head of your head.

Make sure the head fits snugly around the hat’s body, and that the head and body aren’t too tight together.

Next, attach a hood that goes down over your head, to cover the brim and cover the bottom of the hat.

You can also attach an under-cap if you have a smaller head.

Next up, attach your hat to your head and then attach the under-cover.

Make your hat a little bit longer than the head, so you can wear it while you go to school, and then take it off for lunch or school.

Once you’re done, wash your hat and put it in the dishwasher.

Once you’ve got the hat in place, the next step is to attach the brim to the head.

Start by wrapping your fingers around the inside of the brim, and pulling it to your ears.

You want to make sure it doesn’t come undone or fall out of your ears, because your ears are the most important part of your hat.

After that, you can go ahead with your next step.

Attach your hood to your hat, and attach the underside of the hood to the bottom.

Once the hat is attached, attach the bottom part of the head to the hood.

Repeat the process on the other side of the hair.

Then, go ahead attach the top of the ears, then attach it to the hat again.

Finally, take the hat out of the dishwashing machine and wash it, and put the hat back in the fridge to dry.

You should now have a pretty cute hat for the kids to wear.

Happy Hat Making!

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